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Sa 14.09.2019
Goldener Salon | Konzert

Completed Exposition (PowerViolence/Osaka/ Japan/ Corrupted Umfeld)
+ Wojczech (Grindcore, Rostock)
+ Bad Luck Rides On Wheels (Doom/Dron, Rostock)
+ Spitting Nails (HC Punk, HH)

Completed Expostion is a powerviolence originating from osaka/ japan. A band being classmates since junior highschool. Releasing their first demotape in 2004 and in a status of being active ever since the band utilizes two basses and drums while being both bassists duelling vocals. the band resembles perfectly the 1st wave of japanese powerviolence musically, aesthetically, lyricwise . Think mind of asian, romantic gorilla, senseless apocalypse, slight slappers, fuck on the beach. Having their first show in 2005 together with slight slappers and corrupted and perfecting their manic, abrasive, hyperspeed , stop and go hardcore punk to another level beyond craziness. Completed exposition toured. Not refering to skulls and bones but using their moniker „progress and harmony for m|kind“ quoting on a theme of a japan world exhibition held in osaka in 1970 lyrics and artwork portrait and subject, ego and surrounding in a holistic abstract and humanitarian approach. The band have toured japan many times in support of overseas coming bands like despise you, coke bust or infest. 2013 a westcoast us tour got realized. The actual only longplayer being called „structure space mankind“ got released a single 12inch on 625 thrashcore/ psychocontrol records. The record features collaboration tracks with long term friend of the band, hevi, singer of corrupted. Completed exposition will embark on their 1st european ever appearance from 13.-21.09. 2019. do not miss out or cry forever.

(„structure space mankind“ 12inch)

(04.11.2016/ Japan Tour w. Despise You

(18.05.2018/ Osaka/ hokage/ live collaboration w. Hevi/ Corrrupted)
WOJCZECH die Grindcore In­s­ti­tu­ti­on aus Roctock
BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS (Doom/Drone aus Rostock)
SPITTING NAILS ( HC Metal Punk aus HH)

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00