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Do 18.04.2019
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The Cold - (Hardcore, Hamburg) - Recordreleaseshow
+ King Apathy (Melodic Metal)
+ A Secret Revealed (Modern Black Metal)
+ Clear X Cut ( Vegan SxE HC)

The Cold
Extremely furious and fervent, The Cold from Hamburg unites Hardcore and pissed off political lyrics.


is a melodic Metal band from Germany.
Everyone knows that we are destroying the earth, but hardly anyone fights against this blatant injustice. Plain and simple: a KING called APATHY rules our everyday life. The musicians share interests in the ideas of environmentalism, anarchism and veganism and are criticizing capitalism in general.
In their lyrics KING APATHY are exploring the relationship between humanity and nature, environmental ethics, interpersonal relations and (post)modern life in general. You can feel their humility and sincerity - both in their lyrics and their music.


A Secret Revealed
Modern Metal meets dark black metal atmosphere!


Hardcore punk is still more than music to us. The world we all live in is getting darker and darker every day. Authoritarian politicians everywhere, discouraging news about corrupt and brutal law enforcement every day and the ongoing exploitation of the natural world make it hard to believe in a bright and colorful future.
While pop songs about getting drunk on the beach seem to be the soundtrack to the end of the world, we feel the urgent need to adress issues like anarchism, human and animal rights, veganism, straight edge and the destruction of the environment within our songs. For total liberation!


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