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Mo 15.04.2019
Hafenklang | Konzert

Imperial Triumphant (Avantgarde Black Metal Noise / NY, USA)
Mord'a'Stigmata (Avantgarde Post Black Metal / Bochnia, Polen)

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT // Avantgarde Black Metal Noise // NY, USA

"Imperial Triumphant has been a burgeoning band for a handful of years now. In their decade-plus of tinkering and experimenting with metal's very construct, Vile Luxury shows their fully-realized vision. Their homage—or perhaps eulogy—to New York City is simply gripping; their displays urban majesty and decay demand your attention. The jazzy improvisations, off-kilter arrangements, and overall ethos of the band itself have made the New York trio's newest album a grand, avant-garde black metal offering." Metal Injection


Mord'A'Stigmata // Avantgarde Post Black Metal // Bochnia, Poland

"Mord’A’Stigmata do not sound anything like Agalloch, nor do they sound like Neurosis or (much) like Altar of Plagues. But Mord’A’Stigmata share those bands’ idiosyncratic proclivities, the compulsion to seek untrod territories of expression. Their impending fourth release, Hope, finds its center in black metal tonalities, then claws outward to find music that is purely personal, profound and captivating." - DECIBEL Magazine


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