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Mo 17.09.2018
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Civilised Society? (Anarcho Hardcore- /Metal Punk, England, since 1983)
Anti-System ( Anarcho Hardcore- /Metal Punk, England, since 1981)
Grand Collapse (HC Punk/ Thrash, Wales)

"Civilised society?
played punk music that was fused with metal, yet had brilliant lyrics. They were from Batley in West Yorkshire and started out with Dinger on vocals, Stan on drums, his brother Jerry on bass and Mick on guitar. Mick apparently 'sucked too much' and was replaced by Jerri. Afterwards, their roadie named 'Slops' took over on bass, and they got two more additional vocalists named Bev and Jowan. All of the members pointed out that early Metallica and Anthrax(the metal one) had become influences on their style, as well as Crass's ideas."


A fairly typical anarcho-punk band, Anti-System were about as original as their name. That they evolved out of a band called The Insane (not to be confused with at least two other bands with that name) who themselves were "originally" (hah!) called Complete Disorder should give you an idea of how novel their ideas were. Nonetheless, their move from almost tuneful UK82-style hardcore to a more heavy metal influenced style played a part in the development of crust, so they warrant their footnote in punk history.

They first surfaced on the Punk Dead, Nah Mate compilation with 'Man's World' and 'Aftermath', and followed with their debut single Defence Of The Realm EP. Halfway through the recording of the EP bassist George was replaced by Mickey Knowles. In 1984 two new songs appeared on another Pax compilation, Bollox To The Gonads - Here's The Testicles ('Schoolboy', 'Why Should It Happen'), and these featured the last vocal rantings of Nogsy, who had left by the time of its release. (He went on to form a band called Zed). No Laughing Matter followed in March 1985, but as with their debut EP was let down by bad material and poor production, the new two-"singers" lineup and heavier sound accentuating previous comparisons with Antisect.

Their final EP, A Look At Life was notable for a move towards metal/thrash - again, how original! - and the song 'Leather, Bristles, Studs, Acne & Ignorance', a diatribe against GBH and their fans that sparked much hot debate in Bradford punk circles.

Shortly after the EP was recorded, vocalist Mick Teale and bassist Mark Keane (both of whom had joined in 1984) were sent to prison for doing over three butchers' shops and setting cattle free from a local abattoir, which spelled the end for the group.


Grand Collapse from Cardiff, Wales
"...The band is fronted by the son of the profoundly missed and loved by the punk world Stig of Icons of Filth but they don’t rely on media hype or any punk credentials because of that.
Grand Collapse are just hellbent on pursuing their own musical direction. It’s not just Calvin on the vocals that really nails it down, but everyone in the band is doing an excellent job to deliver some of the best and intriguing punk-rock for the last decade. I won’t exaggerate to say that "Along The Dew” is probably the best UK hardcore punk album for 2017!
All the anger we hear and feel in these eleven songs is just the essence of what hardcore punk should be all about. The drumming and guitar work on this LP are fuckin’ incredible. Grand Collapse play from start to finish with such an intensity and ferocity that you’ll feel the rage deep inside your skin.
Besides the galloping music lies also a solid lyrical foundation. The lyrics are extremely well-written, political and fun to read. They all stand out as short essays, written from a personal perspective, that depict issues like animal rights, domestic violence, arms trade, supporting the refugees and telling the fascists to fuck off. We have all the inspiration that comes out of a punk band, but the way they are written in this one are a breath of fresh air since you don’t have the boring political rants and call to actions that you’ll find in 99% of all political punk bands. It’s more like the Propagandhi type of lyricism that I’m sure you all love to read...."


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