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Fr 13.07.2018
Goldener Salon | Konzert

Lobotomia (Brasil, HC Punk / Thrash Metal since 1984)
+ Aargh Fuck Kill (HH/HC Punk)
+ DJ

"One of the greatest Brazilian hardcore bands from the 80's, Lobotomia started in São Paulo in 1984 and after participating in some cassette compilations in the US and Finland, debuted on vinyl with 2 songs on the Ataque Sonoro comp LP. These two tracks already showed a lot of promise, with a straight ahead fast HC mixing European and American influences well. But the real breakthrough came with their first LP in 1986, the classic Só os Mortos Não Reclamam. Probably more advanced musically than any other Brazilian hardcore record before it, Só os Mortos Não Reclamam sounds way ahead of its time. Taking the"Scandi-core"/Discharge sound one step further by making it darker and adding some metallic cruching guitars, Lobotomia anticipated the 90's metallic crust sound by almost half a decade. But don't worry, this is no crossover or speedmetal album (although that came 3 years later), just a heavy, dark and greatly played hardcore punk disc. The lyrics were also much better than the average Brazilian punk, dealing in a coherent and articulate manner with all kinds of social and political concerns from that time."



Aargh Fuck Kil


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 | Open: 20:30 | Start: 21:30
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