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So 15.10.2017
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Abrasive Wheels - Punkrock from UK since 1976
+ The Vagabonds 77 (Punk/Oi from Greece)

The Abrasive Wheels,
specialised in the sort of massive rowdy choruses that could put an ear-to-ear smile on the face of a dead man. Like so many of those intense bands of the time, 1980/84 their fire burnt brightly for just a relatively short time, but the shadows it cast, and the colourful musical legacy they bestowed on the punk scene, were both important and influential to many a band that came after them. The band reformed in 2003 and has been playing shows in the UK,Europe, Canada, USA.The Abrasive Wheels’ first release for Riot City was the fast ‘n’ furious three-track ‘Vicious Circle’ EP in early 1982, and, encouraged by its success (it spent three months in the Indie charts and reached No. 12), the label re-released ‘Army Song’, this time on red vinyl, two months later. The band also contributed the storming ‘Criminal Youth’ to Riot City’s showcase 1982 compilation album ‘Riotous Assembly’. Thanks to the vitriolic strength of these early releases, the band started to build a large and loyal following of punks and skins the length and breadth of the country. Other releases came on after the ‘Riotous Assembly’ compilation, of course, ‘When The Punks Go Marching In’ was the first full length album to be released on Riot City Records… and what a debut for both band and label. Fourteen tracks of pumped-up street punk, it gripped the listener from start to finish, via the pounding ‘Voice Of Youth’ (complete with its infamous chant of ‘Put Maggie Thatcher on the dole’!), the boozy sing along ‘Just Another Punk Band’ and the insistent ‘Slaughterhouse’, which is the Abrasive Wheels at their raucous best. The album peaked at No. 3 in the Indies in late 1982, but was to be the last release for Riot City, because Abrasive Wheels then eloped to producer Mike Stone’s Clay Records, home to Discharge and GBH.And so the way was paved for the second album, ‘Black Leather Girl’, which appeared in March 1984. Recorded over the course of two months in Strawberry Studios, Stockport. In 2002 the band reformed with Steve Popplewell (Guitar) adding to the original lineup. Harry, Nev and Dave were replaced with Chris Bertram ( Bass ), Eden Townsley ( Guitar ) and Skruff on (drums). Skruff has since moved to pastures new and drumming duties now fall to Mickey Waddington. The band has had glowing live reviews.The new album Skum has had rave reviews from UK Punk and Oi, Big cheese Magazine, Fungal punk fanzine, Repeat fanzine, John Peel Radio, to name but a few. It would seem that the wheels are back and not stopping there they are touring and writing a new album.


The Vagabonds 77,
formed in the summer of 2011, Vagabonds 77 is a 5 piece punk rock band based in Athens (Greece). Consisted by fellow individuals who feel the need to create music inspired from bad and good times, sober hard working days and drunk hard to remember nights, trying to stay alive and express through music in a dirty and impersonal city. Tuneful guitar riffs blended with sharp and sing-along vocals (mainly in English) consist a sound for people who seek redemption through punk rock like we do!

The band has released 2 full length albums, "Time Is Right” (2011) and "Our Sound Our Life...” (2015) (both completely independently) and in September of 2017 will release a 6 track LP.

The past 5 years the band has done many shows all over Greece achieving to build a very strong following, also made a very successful U.K. tour including an appearance in "Punks Against Cancer #2 Festival” in Derby.



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