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Mo 22.07.2019
Goldener Salon | DJ-Abend

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Mi 24.07.2019
Hafenklang | Konzert

CJ Ramone (Punkrock, USA )
support: Dee Cracks (Punkrock, Wien)


CJ Ramone - Vocals & Bass

Out of the seven billion or so people on the planet, only seven men have been lucky enough to be gifted with the Ramone surname. As of 2017, four have already headed off to that great gig in the sky. Thankfully, CJ Ramone has no plans to leave any time soon. He expertly stepped in for Dee Dee in 1989 and played with the legendary punk quartet until their 1996 breakup. He sang lead on “Strength To Endure”; he wrote two tracks for the band’s farewell album, ¡Adios Amigos!; he was onstage for their epic final show, delivering those iconic “1-2-3-4!” shouts and rubbing shoulders onstage with Eddie Vedder, Tim Armstrong and Lemmy. CJ Ramone is as important a part of punk rock history as anyone else you can think of, and the best part is he’s just getting started. “When you’re in the Ramones family, you’re a Ramone for life,” CJ says. “Richie Ramone still has it; Marky Ramone still has it; hell, Johnny Ramone’s wife changed her last name to Ramone. I absolutely feel obliged to keep the legacy going. I 100 percent do. I feel it. I don’t sit down and try to write Ramones songs, but I was a huge fan since I was a kid. I played in the band for seven years. I’m undeniably influenced hugely by them. I’ve heard people say what I do sounds like the Ramones. Of course it does! How could it not?”

Exhibit A: CJ’s brand new solo album, American Beauty. It’s a 12-song effort that crackles with the spirit of ’77 (the surefire pit-starter “Yeah Yeah Yeah”) and has a sense of humor about it (“Girlfriend In A Graveyard”) while being unafraid to slow things down (the punk-rock prom vibe of “Before The Lights Go Out”) and throw in a few sonic curveballs to boot. The songs sound so well developed that it’s a bit of a shock to learn how the whole album came together. “I actually had a whole batch of songs for this record that I had been writing over the past couple of years, but things changed so much in such a short period of time, and when I sat down and listened to the songs, they seemed to be irrelevant to how I was thinking now,” CJ admits. “I wrote this entire record in just two weeks, sitting in my basement. That is very unusual for me. Usually I’m hyper-prepared for everything. It totally goes against everything I’ve ever known. I was trained by Johnny Ramone—he was the ultimate in ‘rehearse, rehearse, rehearse; be prepared.’ My work ethic comes from that. This is really an oddity for me.” The breakneck pace of writing led to an even more efficient recording session, when CJ and his live band—guitarists Steve Soto and Dan Root (both also of the Adolescents) and drummer Pete Sosa (also of Street Dogs)—hunkered down at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, California, with producer Paul Miner (H2O, New Found Glory) for a grand total of 11 days. “That’s the beauty of working with pros and veterans,” CJ remarks. “It really streamlines everything. Dan and Steve are really good singers and guitarists, and Pete is such a solid drummer. Paul is an exceptional engineer, too: He knows how to pace a project so you never lose the energy you start out with.” One of American Beauty’s standout tracks is also its most unconventional: “Tommy’s Gone,” a delicate, 90-second acoustic tribute to one of the original Ramones, and the last to pass.

While CJ never played with Tommy in the Ramones, he felt connected to him regardless. “On my first solo album, I wrote a song called ‘Three Angels’ which was my salute to Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee,” CJ explains. “After Tommy died in 2014, people started asking if I was going to change it to ‘Four Angels.’ I decided instead to write something specific for Tommy. The second-to-last day of recording, I woke up that morning and had this little tune in my head. I picked up a Dobro guitar and started picking it out. Those lyrics came out as one entire flowing, fluid song. It’s the most heartfelt song on the whole record.” As much as CJ pays tribute to his past on American Beauty, he also takes the time to spread the gospel of new-millennium punk, inviting Big Eyes frontwoman Kate Eldridge to duet with him on the spunky “Without You.” Things get even more fun on the closing track, a spitfire cover of Tom Waits’ “Pony” that is taken to a whole new level thanks to the addition of Mariachi El Bronx’s horn section. (Seriously.) The album as a whole is designed to spread positive energy all around, and CJ says that was done on purpose. “It’s no secret: Things have been crazy leading up to and including the presidential election,” the frontman says. “My original artwork and title for this album was much different—more traditional, in-your-face, fuck-you punk. But after considering everything—and it’s really unlike me to change my mind on things—but I figured maybe there’s enough people throwing shit into the fan right now. Absolutely we have some major problems, but when you step back and take a look at it, you have to respect and acknowledge everyone’s different opinions. To me, I think it’s beautiful. It’s something that really makes us uniquely American. I felt like making a statement like that is a hell of a lot more powerful.” American Beauty may not single-handedly heal the divide in America, but CJ is trying his best to spread the Ramones’ simplest message of unity: Gabba gabba, we accept you.

+ support: Dee Cracks (Punkrock aus Wien)

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Do 25.07.2019
Goldener Salon | Konzert

EMBRYO feat. Viktor Marek und Dimitar Aleksiev(Jazz-Rock-Kraut-Psychedelic, DE)

Seit 1969 ist das Embryo aktiv. Sie spielten bereits mit Größen wie Mal Waldron, Trilok Gurtu, Okay Temiz, Fela Kuti und vielen mehr.
Die Tochter des im Januar 2018 verstorbenen Bandgründers Christian Burchard, Marja, ist mit der Band aufgewachsen und übernahm 2015/2016 als Multiinstrumentalistin die musikalische Leitung. Um sie herum scharen sich junge talentierte Musiker um den ewigen Fluss von Embryo weiter fließen zu lassen. Alte und neue Kompositionen verschmelzen zu einem einzigartigen Klangerlebnis, in dem außer und innereuropäische Melodien, Rhythmen, der Jazz und die rockigen psychedelischen Klänge zu hören sind.
Sie bespielen inzwischen viele große Bühnen und internationale Festivals in und außerhalb Europas und begeistern die alte und junge Generation mit ihrem großen Talent, ihrer Virtuosität und ihrer großen Freude am Spielen.
Die Reise geht weiter!

An dem Abend werden Soundtüftler und Beatbastler Victor Marek und Dimitar Aleksiev als Gäste auftreten.

Derzeitige Besetzung von Embryo:

Jan Weissenfedt
ist ein deutscher Gitarrist, Bandleader (u.a. The Malcouns, Karl Hector) und Produzent. Er war Mitbegründer des Münchener Deep Funk-Ensembles The Poets Of Rhythm.

Maasl Maier
spielt Bass, Saxophon und Percussion.
Mitbegründer des Krautrock-Jazz-Rock Ensembles Karaba aus München.

Wolfi Schlick
Seit über 10 Jahren in Kontakt mit Embryo.
Leiter des Münchner Brass - Ensembles "Express Brass Band"
Spielt Saxophon, Tuba und Flöte

Jakob Thun
ist Mitbegründer des Krautrock-Jazz-Rock Ensembles Karaba aus München.
Spielt Schlagzeug und Percussion.

Marja Burchard
ist durch ihren Vater Seit ihrem 11. Lebensjahr Mitglied der Gruppe Embryo.
Sie studierte Ethnologie, slavische Philologie und Musikwissenschaft, komponiert für Theaterstücke und verschiedene Bandkollektive.
Sie spielt Vibraphon, Posaune, Schlagzeug, Marimba, Akkordeon, Klavier und singt.

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Fr 26.07.2019
Hafenklang | Party

---ROCK & WRESTLING 2019---

Wo: HAFENKLANG Grosse Elbstrasse 84 22767 Hamburg


Einlass: 21:30 UHR - Beginn: 22:30 UHR


Im Anschluss findet im GOLDENEN SALON die Siegerehrung und Aftershowparty statt (Eintritt Frei ca. 03 Uhr!)

Alt aber gut...


Über Rock & Wrestling:

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Sa 27.07.2019
Goldener Salon | Party


We are deeply honoured to have none other than 'ALFONSO T17' from Segovia(Spain) as guest selector for the July edition of our party. Among jamaican 60s music connoisseurs & collectors around the globe he surely needs no further introduction. Expect nothing but BOSS SOUNDS TO BEAT THE GROUND from his box!

As if that wasn't good enough our friend 'CPT. PUNCH' is additionally treating you with incredible tunes from his incomparable deep collection that night!

Top notch original 45rpm jamaican music entertainment guaranteed all night long!

This is gonna be a night to remember - Don't miss!

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Mo 29.07.2019
Hafenklang | Konzert

Boogarins (Psych-Rock, Brasil)


Brazilian psych rock outfit Boogarins have released an interactive fan-fueled Minidoc, presenting 6 new songs created in a 5-day workshop in Lisbon, Portugal during the annual MIL Festival earlier this spring. The band primarily employed the use of a mobile phone to create 3 songs involving audience participation, as well as 3 songs in collaboration with established Portuguese artists -- Capitão Fausto, PAUS and The Legendary Tigerman.
During the event, 30 fans were invited to spend their Easter holiday with the band and learn about Boogarins’ studio process, including the presence of their favorite “modern lo-fi device” - the mobile phone - which was used in the production of their latest album Lá Vem a Morte, scheduled for release as a deluxe and expanded version via OAR this Friday 8/31.
The video opens with the song “Sei” featuring vocals and lyrics by Carolina Caldeira, who spontaneously presented the ideas to the band right after they finished recording the 1st improvised beat of the day. Other highlights include “Viver Sonhos,” a song the band created with the Portuguese sensation, Capitão Fausto, and “Natureza Morta / Alma Fértil (Dead Nature / Fertile Soul), which was named after a tour poster Boogarins singer and songwriter, Dinho Almeida created for their UK tour with Tune-Yards earlier this year.
In addition to releasing their new video, Boogarins have also announced a stretch of European tour dates, including stops in Portugal, Spain, France, and the UK.

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Goldener Salon | DJ-Abend

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Mi 31.07.2019
Hafenklang | Konzert

Club-Mestizo presenta: LAS MANOS DE FILIPPI Ska-Punk-Cumbia-Hip-Hop from Argentina

“Las Manos de Filippi” sind eine der wichtigsten Bands Argentiniens. Gegründet haben sie sich bereits vor 25 Jahren, 2019 werden sie wieder auf Deutschland Tour kommen. Ihr musikalischer Mixtur aus Rock,Cumbia, Ska und Punk begeistert seit Jahren das südamerikanische Publikum. In Ihren Texten setzten sie sich vor allem für Studenten und Arbeiter ein. Mittlerweile haben sie 9 Studio und 2 Live Alben veröffentlicht, und teilten die Bühne unter anderem mit Bands wie Zack de la Rocha, Manu Chao, Residente of Calle 13, Ana Tijoux, Fermín Muguruza, Albert Pla and Diego Cortez, SKA - P, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Todos Tus Muertos, La Vela Puerca, Outernational, Doctor Krapula und Skampida.

“QUÉ MIEDO TOUR” Europa 2019 – Dates coming soon

The Argentine band presents their new album called M.A.C.R.I, with a show that includes the participation of Che Chino (Tango Group).
This Latin Américan and Europe Tour will rewiew the best of his career.
In his 25-year career, Las Manos de Filippi made 10 studio albums, 2 live albums and 2 DvD‘ s.
The band from its beginnings, and until today, was characterized by being next to the struggles workers and student in course. They participated in the most important festivals of Latinoamerica such as “Vive Latino” (Mexico), “Rock al Parque” (Colombia), “Viva el Planeta” (Colombia), “Voces contra el golpe” (Honduras), “Cosquín Rock” (Argentina), “Latinoamérica Unida en un solo canto” (Venezuela), “Latin America Festival of the Working Class” (Uruguay), “Festival for Public Education” (Chile).
In those years they shared stage, songs and activities with artists like
Zack de la Rocha, Manu Chao, Residente of Calle 13, Chico Trujillo, Ana Tijoux, Fermín Muguruza, Albert Pla and Diego Cortez, SKA – P, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Todos Tus Muertos, La Vela Puerca, Outernational,
Doctor Krápula, Skampida.

Las Manos de Filippi:
Hernan „Cabra“ de Vega (Voz)
German „Pecho“ Anzoátegui (Trompeta y voz)
Pablo MarchettI (Programación y coros)
Guido Duran (Bajo y coros)
Christian Fabrizio (Batería)
Silvio Pellis (Guitarra)

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Goldener Salon | Konzert

The Freeze (Punkrock since 1978, USA)
The Drowns (StreetPunk, USA / auf Gunner Records)

The Freeze
East Coast Punkrock-Legend THE FREEZE are back with their first full lenght record since decades, just released via SLOPE RECORDS. They are confirmed for REBELLION FESTIVAL 2019 and will do a short tour around it - the lineup for this tour will be including original Guitarist
BILL CLOSE, who have not toured with the band since 2009.


The Drowns
At such a stressful time to be a free thinking, open minded, open hearted American, The
Drowns have come together to light a fire amongst those of us who still have hope in humanity. The three members have a combined 40+ years of punk rock experience fromtheir prior projects, Success, The Shell Corporation, and The Briggs. Their debut album”View From The Bottom” is just that, a sign of hope. It’s a collection of energetic, passion fueled punk rock, drawing influence from the best anthemic punk bands of the mid to late 90s. The songs are positive, insightful, and catchy. With songs like “Eternal Debate”, and “Faithfully Faithless”, they lyrically point the finger at those who wish to oppress for their own gains in these troubled times. With the spirit of albums like “And Out Come The
Wolves” by Rancid, and “Hopeless Romantic” by The Bouncing Souls, this album is set
to have you inspired and singing along in no time. “View From The Bottom” will be released on Gunner Records in Europe.

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