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Mo 16.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Dirty Fences Dirty Fences (70's Street-Level Punk Rock 'N' Roll, NYC) + Candy Boys (NYC)

You walk into a punk/heavy rock dive, you’re seriously craving a greasy burger and an even more seriously cold beer. Oh, and you want to hear a band that is first of all loud, but tight and musically adept and hits you straight in the chest with their first chord even before you are able to
stuff in a bite of that burger or a gulp of that beer. Dirty Fences! That’s your answer!

These New Yorkers have built a reputation as one of the tightest bands anywhere. They seem to be doing exactly that – touring relentlessly. That is all fine and peachy, but what about Dirty Fences and their studio efforts, how do they transfer that supposed limitless energy into a meaningful studio album that you can play at home and get that same rush of a live show (burger and beer are extra)? Doing that is a tough task for any band, even for somebody like The Stones, but a band like The Stones usually manages. On their third studio outing, *Goodbye Love* so do the Dirty Fences.

In essence, Dirty Fences operate within the holy trinity of loudness – heavy, punk, power pop, without firmly setting their foot in any of the three, but covering the whole spectrum of such a sound. What you get on *Goodbye Love* is a cross-section of Kiss, Cheap Trick and The Ramones, with some
additions of bands like MC5, Green Day and early XTC, played quite impeccably.

The choice riffs, combined with some very poppy harmonies, start with the introductory track "All You Need Is a Number”, and end with the closing "One More Step”. You also get the obligatory Ramones’ patented ‘one, two, three, four” on the single "Teen Angel” <

The band actually doesn’t miss a step – the incessant live play has obviously honed their ‘art’ (and yes, it is that). There are no wrong riffs, brief guitar solos or harmonies and no song overstays its welcome –
out of 12 tunes, only three reach or go over the three-minute mark.

Now, with *Goodbye Love *you can enjoy that live rush without somebody knocking your food and drink out of your hands or spitting on top of your head. Still, listening to this album will certainly make you wish you could go and see Dirty Fences live.

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Goldener Salon

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Di 17.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Adolescents - Punkrock Legende aus Kalifornien
+ support: tba

ADOLESCENTS are one of America’s most popular punk bands. They were formed by original AGENT ORANGE bassist Steve Soto and singer Tony Cadena (Re ex) in 1979 in Fullerton, California. Along the way they recruited the Agnew brothers from SOCIAL DISTORTION and in 1981 released their self titled debut album "Adolescents" which would become one of the most in uential Southern California punk rock albums of all time. Along with BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG and MINOR THREAT they are one of the leading bands of the 1980s hardcore / skate punk scene. Over all those years the band has in uenced many of today‘s later punk groups, including BAD RELIGION, NOFX, FACE TO FACE, GOOD RIDDANCE, THE OFFSPRING, PENNYWISE, RISE AGAINST, SLAYER and FU MANCHU.

The rst line up disbanded in late 81 but the band returned in 1986 with a new drummer and a new record "Brats in Batallions”. Re ex left in 1988 and the band released one more record "Balboa Funzone” before disbanding in 1989. The band once again reunited in 2001 for a 20th anniversary tour and have continued performing ever since. With a few line up changes Soto and Re ex have taken the ADOLESCENTS across the US, Europe, Japan and South America and they released "OC Confidential", their rst studio album in 17 years in 2005.

Finally since 2011 the band has been more productive than ever. After their successful album in 2011 "The Fastest Kid Alive", their great EP "American Dogs in Europe" in 2012 and their records "Presumed Insolent" (2013) and "La Vendetta" (2014), the band decided to take a small break. But now they‘re back and ready to release their 5. studio album on Concrete Jungle Records!

And the new album is a blast! Produced by Paul Miner (DEATH BY STEREO, H2O, ATREYU), "Manifest Density" has a powerful sound without losing the typical ADOLESCENTS‘ charm. Songs such as "Nightcrawler" and "Ratcather" are great and catchy Cali-Punk anthems with intellectually sharp and critical lyrics.

Once again ADOLESCENTS achieve an album that combines the old and the new. "Manifest Density" will be released July 8th, 2016 on Concrete Jungle Records as CD, ltd. col. 12" LP + MP3 and Digital Download. In July and August they‘ll also return for an extensive European tour!

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Do 19.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Club-Mestizo presenta:
ESPANA CIRCO ESTE Tango-Punk Italien/Argentinien

Die Italienisch/argentinische Band ESPANA CIRCO ESTE hat sich erst vor zwei Jahren gegründet, bringen es in diesem kurzen Zeitraum aber schon auf über 300 Live Auftritte! Die 4 Köpfige Musik Karawane begeistert mit einem einzigartigen und originellen Sound. ESPANA CIRCO ESTE mischen Balkan Beats über , HipHop, Rap und Tango-Punk Einflüssen mal mit Geige, mal mit Akkordeon, in einer wunderbar frischen Art. In Italien teilten sie die Bühne bereits unter anderem mit MANU CHAO und GOGOL BORDELLO. Nun machen sie sich 2016 auf den Weg eine ausgiebige Tour und Festivals in Deutschland zu spielen, um auch hier ihr Publikum bei Ihren aufregenden Live Shows zum schwitzen und Tanzen zu bringen. Im Gepäck haben sie ihre 2017 erschienen CD "SCIENZE DELLA MALEDUCAZIONE" Eine Band die man auf keinen Fall verpassen sollte

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 | Open: 20:30 | Start: 21:30
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Goldener Salon | Konzert

Martha (Pop-Punk, UK)

Benannt nach der letzten lebendigen Wandertaube und angetrieben von der furchteinflößenden Bedrohung der Auslöschung. Das sind Martha, die wahrscheinlich zweitbeste Band aus Pity Me
(kein Scherz) im Nordosten Englands.
Martha nutzen den Charme ihrer Heimatstadt und konvertieren ihn als Teil Ihres ganzen Seins. Alles verbunden mit einer quietschig-poppigen Stimmung die sie durch ihren starken Akzent noch umso mehr ins Publikum übertragen.

Auf ihrer letzten Veröffentlichung "Blisters in the Pit of my Heart" (Dirtnap Records, Fortuna POP!) zeigten Martha alle Sorgen und Ungewissheiten auf, ohne dabei je die Kreativität aus den Augen zu verlieren. Der Drang, Politik, Punk und Pop mit einem eingängigen Refrain zu verbinden ist dabei stärker als je zuvor! Unter dem puren Pop steckt allerdings auch Dunkelheit, über die man heutzutage
glücklicherweise sprechen darf.

Martha Mitglieder Daniel, Nathan, Naomi und JC kämpfen auch mit Ungewissheit, Angst und Einsamkeit, schaffen es jedoch, dies in sprudelnden Wellen von Freude auszuschwitzen!

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Fr 20.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Troubled Horse (Heavy Rock, Örebro/Schweden)
+support: tba

Troubled Horse is a hotly-tipped heavy garage rock band from Orebro, Sweden. A town that brought us a second wave of vitally cool hard rock bands such as Witchcraft and Graveyard. Coincidentally, Troubled Horse features three members of the original Witchraft line-up, one of which (bassist Ola Henriksson) is still a current member. Lead guitarist John Hoyles parted ways from Witchcraft a few years ago to concentrate on his other band, Spiders and these frantic rockers, of course.

Despite the collective members association with the aforementioned band and origins, Troubled Horse is most definitely an institution in its own right. The raw and melodic song writing skills of singer/guitarist Martin Heppich combines the hard edged spirit of 70′s US bands such as Dust and Pentagram, with an altogether more soulful 60′s MC5 vibe, making them very unique and fresh. Just what the rock and metal scene needs right now!

Troubled Horse has built a cult following over the past few years and Step Inside is hugely anticipated by fans. Crammed full of instantly memorable hard rocking, foot-stomping anthems such as Shirleen, One Step Closer to my Grave, and Fear, Troubled Horse are ready for action and ready to be heard!

Supported by JEVER LIVE

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 | Open: 20:30 | Start: 21:30
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Goldener Salon

Bloody Hot Swing

In diesem Sommer wird der zweite Balboa Exchange in Hamburg stattfinden! Hierbei geht es darum, Tänzer aus aller Welt in die eigene Szene einzuladen und mit ihnen zu tanzen und eine gute Zeit zu verbringen.

Sa 21.07.2018


Trei (Viper Rec. //NZ)

Undoubtedly one of NZ's finest DJ / Producers; TREi, AKA Trevor Linnell, has been a leader in the drum and bass scene 'downunder' since 2007. With a slew of producers coming from Australia and New Zealand including Pendulum, ShockOne, State of Mind, and Concord Dawn, TREi has made a name for himself with releases on prestigious labels such as: Viper Recordings, Technique, Commercial Suicide, SOM Music, Shogun Ltd, Samurai Music, and Uprising Recordings.

2013 saw the release of his much anticipated second album, ‘Satellites’ (on State of Mind’s SOM Music imprint), released to much acclaim. Packed with hard hitting beats, progressive rollers, and proven Dancefloor smashers including the singles ‘Change Your Mind’ (with Thomas Oliver), Homecoming (with MC Tali) and ‘Running” (also with Thomas Oliver), as well as collaborations with The Upbeats & State of Mind. Continuing on from where 2009’s highly acclaimed debut ‘Innuendo’ left off, ‘Satellites’ has propelled TREi even further into the musical stratosphere.

Now signed Exclusively with Viper Recordings, TREi will be working on his next string of singles and EP’s for the label in lead up to his next studio album.

TREi’s association with Viper Recordings goes back to 2011 where he made his debut on the label with the single ‘The Light / Mumbo Jumbo’ and a series of tracks featured on various Viper compilations including ‘Habituated’ and ‘Placebo’, as well as his first Beatport #1 with the smash hit ‘Seeds’ in 2014. Following the success of ‘Seeds’, TREi released another huge track with Viper in the form of his remix of Tali’s ‘Forces’ from Viper’s ‘Decade of Viper’ 10 year anniversary album.

Finishing the year in style, TREi capped off an amazing 2014 with the ‘Empires EP’ released on Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Technique Recordings. Receiving massive support from Friction on BBC Radio 1, the lead title track ‘Empire’ was selected as the prestigious ‘Friction Fire’ track of the week.

So 22.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Battalion of Saints (SoCal Hardcore since 1980)

Beginning in San Diego in 1980 during the initial explosion of American hardcore punk rock, Battalion Of Saints to this day have remained one of the most influential bands in southern California hardcore. The bands 1984 album "Second Coming” has remained an underground classic for over 30 years. Their fast, raw, loud style was something bands simply weren’t doing yet at the time of their formation. Thus, pioneering a sound that went on to influence countless punk rock, hardcore, and metal bands worldwide. After putting out releases for Mystic Records and touring the US, the band called it quits in 1985. After a 10-year hiatus they resurrected with new guitarist Terry "Tezz” Roberts (Discharge, Broken Bones, U.K. Subs). The band underwent many lineup changes and took a few small breaks. Today, led by surviving member and lead vocalist George Anthony, the current lineup is the strongest and most active formation the band has seen in its lifespan. Now signed to Southern Lord Records, they released a hard-hitting comeback EP in 2015 and are now gearing up to release their long-awaited new full-length album.

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Mo 23.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Almost Equal
Drug Control

Never say Never

Ruiner sind wieder da und diesen Sommer kommen sie auf Europa Tour. Einen Zwischenstopp machen die Jungs in Hamburg.

Wir freuen uns sehr.

Einen kleinen H&P Stand wird es geben

- Ruiner (Baltimore USA)

- Giver (Köln/Paderborn)

- Almost Equal (BS/H/MD)

- Drug Control (San Diego USA)

- Dedicate (Liverpool UK)

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 | Open: 19:00 | Start: 20:00
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Goldener Salon

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Start: 21:00
Di 24.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

California Punkrock Legends: The Dickies & TSOL

2 absolute Punkrock Legenden aus Kalifornien an einem lauen Sommer Abend in Hamburg.

The Dickies - seit 1977

TSOL (True Sounds Of Liberty) - seit 1978

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Mi 25.07.2018
Hafenklang | Konzert

Voodoo Glow Skulls (SkaCore/-Punk, California)
support: North Alone (Melodic Punk, California ähh Osnabrück)

In their 24 years of existence, the Voodoo Glow Skulls have an impressive list of achievements. 9 albums, one million records sold, appearances in exotic locations like Brazil and Japan as well as the creation of a record store, record label, recording studio and a music venue attests to the remarkable creativity and energy of the band. Formed in 1988, Voodoo Glow Skulls meshed hardcore punk, traditional ska, tough guitar riffs and the Mexican music of their roots to create the prototype for the West Coast ska-core sound. Unflinchingly honest, their songs often used humor to comment on harsh political realities – from racial inequity to unrest overseas. Singing in both Spanish and English, Voodoo Glow Skulls’ bilingual musical tradition has been a hallmark of the band since they began.

The core of the band since the beginning has been the three Casillas brothers, Frank, Eddie and Jorge. With a list of accomplishments that might make some bands ready to slow their pace, the band shows no signs of slowing down. Voodoo Glow Skulls dubbed their sound "California street music” – a perfect description of their high octane mix of rock, punk, ska and hardcore.

Voodoo Glow Skulls 9th studio album "Break the Spell” was released on January 17th on Smelvis Records and is available now!

Currently led by Death By Stereo frontman Efrem Schulz after Frank Casillas
departure, his brothers, Eddie and Jorge are carrying on in style and firing on all

Current Line Up:

Efrem Schulz - Vocals
Eddie Casillas-Guitar
Jorge Casillas-Bass
A.J. Condosta-Drums
Mark Bush-Trumpet
Dan Albert-Trombone

North Alone
"Next Stop CA". Klingt für die meisten Punker der alten Fat Wreck Schule der 90er wie ein frommer Wunsch. Mitten rein in eine der unbestreitbaren Geburtsstätten von Uptempo-Schlagzeug, Bratgitarre und raus gerotzten (eigentlich) Pop-Refrains.

Für NORTH ALONE (aus eben nicht Kalifornien, sondern Osnabrück, Bitches!) könnte der Titel des neuen Albums aber gleichwohl auch sowas wie self-fulfilling prophecy werden, denn diese Platte vereint so ziemliche alle liebgewonnenen Tugenden der alten NoFX-Lagwagon-Undwiesiealleheißen-Tage und verquickt diese mit der Hemdsärmeligkeit von zeitgenössischeren Folkpunkern wie Flogging Molly, Old Man Markley oder Frank Turner und Tim Vantol. Punk meets Singer/Songwriter also.

Macht absoluten Sinn, denn Songs wie "Razorless" dürften in der Full-Band-Version genau so gut im Pit knattern wie als One-Man-Show mit Akustikgitarre und Vollbart am Aufklapp-Lagerfeuer beim Balkon-Urlaub. Und auch die ruhigen Momente a la "180 Degrees" dürften Freunden von Reibeisenstimmen-Country der Marke Lucero ein paar Freudentränen ins Holzfällerhemdknopfloch kullern lassen.

Das ist ganz sicher alles keine Raketenwissenschaft, das muss es aber auch gar nicht sein. Punk darf jeder, der sich traut. Aber Hits schreiben ist halt eben dann doch nur ein paar Leuten gegeben. Manuel North zum Beispiel, der zu allem Überfluss auch noch mit so viel DIY-Spirit bei der Sache ist, dass man nur alle Daumen drücken kann: Hoffentlich geht’s wirklich bald nach good old California für die sympathischen NORTH ALONE!

Dann kann Manuel für die Reise zumindest schon mal die Bierflecken aus den alten Punkshirts waschen, egal ob sie "Extra Large" sind, wie in der ersten tollen Single des Albums. Wobei: Auf Reisen sind die guten Jungs ja eh das ganze Jahr, also angucken, People! Und überhaupt: Wenn NORTH ALONE Hüte in Richtung Punk ziehen, dann darf Punk gerne auch mal seinen staubigen Hut zurückziehen! Also: Hats off, respect!

Nach über 400 gespielten Konzerte u.a. als Toursupport für FRANK TURNER und SKINNY LISTER, und im Vorprogramm einer illustren Liste von nicht eben unbekannten Musikern wie FLOGGING MOLLY, NEW MODEL ARMY, LEVELLERS, DAVE HAUSE, LUCERO, THE DEVIL MAKES THREE, so wie mit den FAT Wreck Chords Bands OLD MAN MARKLEY, THE REAL MCKENZIES, USELESS ID, GET DEAD, UKE-HUNT und SWINGIN‘ UTTERS erscheint am 04. Mai 2018 der dritte North Alone Longplayer "Next Stop CA".

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 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Do 26.07.2018
Aktuell | ???

---ROCK & WRESTLING 2018---
Wann: Do. 26.07.2018
Wo: KOMET Musik Bar Erichstrasse 11 20359 Hamburg
Ab: 22:15 UHR
Was: Vorstellung der Kampfpaarungen, Experten Einschätzung von Don Pedro
& Nik Neandertal, Wiegen, Gewinnspiel... Im Anschluss TOP ODER FLOP! Die
Schallplattenauktion mit NIK NEANDERTAL & "the one & only"
Wann: FR. 27.07.2018

Fr 27.07.2018
Hafenklang | Performance


Was: Trash Bash Smash Wrestling u.a. treten in den Ring: EDDY THE
DUSCHENKA, DON SHRIMP und viele viele andere...
Im Anschluss findet im GOLDENEN SALON die Siegerehrung und
Aftershowparty an beiden Tagen statt (Eintritt Frei!)


Über Rock & Wrestling: Facebook Event:


Eintritt VVK: 17.00 €
 | Open: 21:30 | Start: 22:30
Sa 28.07.2018
Goldener Salon

Hipbone Slim(UK,Blues Trash Rock & Roll/Voodoo Rhythm)
+The Black Drongos(HH)

Primitive Blues & Rhythm Stomp from Sir Bald aka Hipbone Slim! He sings
whilst strumming guitar, blowing harp and banging drums and things with
his feet!

The Black Drongos are a wild 60s garagepunk monster from Hamburg which
will make you drool!

+ DJ "the one & only" BASTER (ColeSlawClub/BastersBeatbox)
50s & 60s Rhythm & Blues Raw Soul Exotica Musica

Eintritt: 10.00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
Mo 30.07.2018
Goldener Salon

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

Eintritt frei!

Start: 21:00