Programm Dezember 2017

Fr 15.12.2017
Hafenklang | Konzert

Blechreiz (SKA, Berlin)
Support: Gaarden Allstars

Eintritt: 18.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 17.25 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Goldener Salon | Party

Lovecats - The Cure Tribute Allnighter

LOVECATS - The Cure Tribute Allnighter @ Hafenklang (Goldener Salon)

Der wohl einflussreichsten Indie-Goth-Band der 80er & frühen 90er Jahre gilt die Ehre an diesem
Abend im Goldenen Salon des Hafenklangs.

Hits, rare Geheimtips, Lieblingstitel, alle Videos und noch viel mehr.

Dazu ein feiner Mix aus Goth/New Wave, Dark Indie & Post Punk.
Hosted by DJ Benny Ruess (Revolver Club ) & DJ Special Guest Herr_Brandt (Damaged Goods)

Eintritt: 6.00 €
 | Open: 23:00
Sa 16.12.2017
Hafenklang | Party


LPLUS (Technique Rec, Viper // SVK)

support: Drumbule Crew (DJ FU, ZPT, CINE, S/ACHT, BENNI BO, TOOMASSIVE)


Jimmy Pé

Eintritt: 8.00 €
 | Open: 23:00
So 17.12.2017
Goldener Salon | Party

2 Y Dawnbeat #6

Mein lieber Herr Kanalarbeiter! Sollen nun 18% des 21. Jahr100s schon fast gewesen sein? Die Zeit verging offenbar schneller als ihr eigener Schatten, so dass wir sie uns schleunigst nehmen sollten, um die letzten Jahrestakte so weit als möglich auszudehnen. Nicht, dass wir uns noch burnouten! Im Gegenteil werden wir zum 2. Dawnbeatgeburtstag wie gehabt feinstrukturierten Techno auf 110bpm entzerren und im Güldenen Salon schamlos genüsslich dem Gott der Langsamkeit frönen. Im Dawnbeat-Zeitalter hat man Zeit am Altar, Alter!
Dafür opfern diesmal Millionen von Nanominuten:

Jonas Wahrlich
Jan Kinsey

Eintritt: 7.00 €
 | Open: 12:00
Mo 18.12.2017
Goldener Salon | DJ-Abend

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Start: 21:00
Do 21.12.2017
Hafenklang | Konzert

Sham 69
+ Narcolaptic (HH)

2017 has been a terrific year so far for the band following a 4th consecutive tour of the USA which in touring terms is unheard of..the bands popularity is at a high due to the sincere and high power stage show for its fans.

The band have just completed a tour of Mexico the first in the bands history. At a time when alot of bands are just going through the motions SHAM 69 has since 2006 reinvented itself to show that there is such a thing as rebellion and its not just about ego and cash from chaos. The band led by Tim V who has fronted the band since then along with stalwart SHAM 69 drummer Ian Whitewood whose been behind the kit for 32 years for SHAM 69 sees a formidable team alongside long-term Bassist Al Campbell and on guitar Ryan Monshall.

The band who have released 5 NEW original albums and 3 greatest hits albums in the last 10 years have currently completed a watch this space.

This Spring / Summer saw the band doing Europe and the fest circuit again along with a return tour of Canada supporting the likes of Iggy Pop, The Specials and a busy year for the guy's

Be sure to grab them while you can...they are keeping real and keeping the scene genuine and sincere.

Eintritt: 16.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 15.05 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Fr 22.12.2017
Goldener Salon | Party

X-Mas Bingo! Special Guest: *The Emily Brothers*

Alle Jahre wieder zelebrieren Bingo Ingo und die Bingoband die letzten Fetzen flüchtigen Vergnügen seines dahin scheidenden Jahres im Goldenen Salon!

Denn, Weihnachtszeit ist Bingozeit. Es schneit Jahresabschlusszahlen und es klingelt der Schnaps! Voll kribbeliger Vorfreude und fiebrigem Herzflattern, werden spitzen Preise ausgespielt, die sich die glücklichen Gewinner in ihren kühnsten Träumen nicht hätten vorstellen können. Begleitet wird die furiose Zahlen-Extravaganza von der Bingo
Band und ihrer erschütternden Melange aus dringlichem Punk-Pop, gewagten Schnulzen und abstrusen Jingles.

Wie jedes Jahr haben wir nicht nur unfassbar tolle Preise, sondern auch super speziale Specialguests im Gepäck! Diesmal dabei: The Emily Brothers

The Emily Brothers are a Scottish/German guitar band based in Hamburg but willing to travel anywhere -we have a full set of original material and a completely original sound. We are an eclectic mix of musicians trying to make somethin gunique, we are self-managed, self-financed and NOT looking for arecord deal - the only things we will admit to are that we are loud, pretty weird, dark but strangely danceable, melodically and rhythmically complex and, even if we say so ourselves, we are damn good.

Tanzen, trinken, spielen, gewinnen, yeah Baby yeah. Keiner friert!

Eintritt: 6.00 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
So 24.12.2017
Goldener Salon

Weihnachten?Findet statt!

DJ der heilige Punkgott

Start: 21:00
Mo 25.12.2017
Goldener Salon | DJ-Abend

Punkerstammtisch - Tischtennis-Rundlauf

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Start: 21:00
Fr 29.12.2017
Hafenklang | Konzert

NH3 (Ska-Punk, IT) + Bitter Grounds (Ska-Punk, NL)


The story of NH3s starts in August 2002 in the district Villa San Martino in Pesaro. The friendship that bonds the historic nucleus of the band dates back to many years before and the passion for the music helps the guys to harmonize what will become the definitive and current formation. Bleachers and sports arena, the love for the roots of their working-class district, the ideals of "united we stand” and of anti-racism/anti-fascism shape the nature of the band from the beginning.

With a clear reference to the chemical formula of ammonia, the band, with a reinforced sound that is more aggressive and with lyrics with a great impact, aim at the essence of the ska/core music, that makes you jump and have fun and at the same time makes you reflect and act. With "EROI SENZA VOLTO” the band comes up important stages and they start to get close to the Italian and foreign anti-fascist settings. The tour goes on with a fair approval and for the first time NH3s can overstep the Italian frontiers with their first European tour (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic). The enthusiasm and the grit increase, and so does the desire to shout for your ideals.

With the experience, humility, and the influence of the places that NH3s frequented, all matured in
those two years, it arises the right mix that will allow the band to write the third album. So it is born, in July 2013, "RISE UP”, a strongly colored album, with a combat and militant sonority, an aggressive and strong sound influenced by ska, punk and hardcore. The new album brings the band to his second
European tour by joining the roster of Muttis booking. From 2013 to the end of 2015, NH3 live " on-
the road". They bring their music to the public over Europe treading several of the most important stages of festivals and clubs, from Berlin to Paris, the " Mighty sounds" in the Czech Republic . They enter the studio in December 2015 and January 2016 end of recording " Hate and Hope " (Long Beach Records Europe/Indie Box) whose release and subsequent European tour is planned for April 2016 .

Bitter Grounds

After watching the energy and urgency of their old punk rock scene decay into a boring, self-involved mess, four friends finally decided they had had enough. After all, where’s the fun in a world where grit is replaced with style, street-level attitude with mainstream rock sensibilities, mohawks are swapped for beards, and allround frustration makes way for a general, wholesome sense of well-being? There’s only so many triple-roasted, freshly ground bio-organic espressos a person can take.

After having played in several punk rock bands throughout the past fifteen years (Beans, Last to Go, Frightening Ficiton, Dead Weights, and Landmine Heart) the quartet decided to rekindle their love for a dirty mix of punk, ska and reggae. But don’t expect no happy sounds...
...this band was formed on BITTER GROUNDS!
See you around to join the dance!

Eintritt: 13.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 11.70 €
 | Open: 20:00 | Start: 21:00
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Sa 30.12.2017
Hafenklang | Konzert

CHERNOBILLY BOOGIE Mutant-Boogie-Woogie aus Nantes (F) + Support: Herald Couldn't Swim

High energy, foot stomping, vodka swillling post apocaliptic
Boogie-Woogie and nasty Piano Punk from Chernobyl (...France!), with
rough vocals delivered by Finnish singer Shumanski and rolling boogie
basslines put down by English pianist Benislav Molotov. With Mikhail on
drums and Sebastof on dirty bass.
Rumour has it that they ran away from the infamous nuclear
disaster...Probably not true, though...Who knows who they are, really?

Eintritt: 10.00 € | Eintritt VVK: 9.50 €
 | Open: 20:30 | Start: 21:30
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So 31.12.2017
Hafenklang | Club

**Sylvestro Drumbule**

Jumpat (Basswerk)

Drumbule Crew (DJFU, ZPT, S/ACHT & CINE)

Eintritt: 12.00 €
 | Open: 23:00
Goldener Salon

Drumbule 2nd Floor

Kardia (Sub:District)
Phineas (Harlekinsound)
Ruffman (Basement)
TheNext (WobWob!)